Getting the Detail Right

In global collections, we believe that delivering a successful outcome for our Clients is all about getting the nitty gritty facts right and fully understanding their legal position.

Allied With Top Litigation Experts Worldwide

The Payfor team are like your own army of private investigators drilling into the detail of your claim, laser-focusing in on each specific aspect until we understand the case from every conceivable angle.

Unlike other Commercial Debt Collectors, we believe that debt collection alone is sometimes not enough. Payfor is allied with top litigation experts in the UK and worldwide.

When Payfor’s 30-day chase cycle commences, we have often already been in touch with our legal partner in the respective territory worldwide, who appraises the case for free. So, if the debt remains unpaid after Payfor’s campaign ends, it is immediately handed over for Legal Action.

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The 30-Day Chase Campaign

The Payfor team have devised the most robust chase methods whilst carefully working according to your specific business model and requirements.  We send weekly emails and make daily phone calls to debtors whilst keeping you updated on all developments.

Payfor proposes to add statutory interest, debt collection and legal fees to the debt according to your contract and the relevant law of jurisdiction. If the debt is not paid, the case is passed on to a lawyer for legal action. 

Legal Action

Payfor is able to reach out to its network of commercial law firms in most territories worldwide. Your case is appraised for free, and actionable, specific steps are offered at the most competitive rates.

You, the client, approves this first, then Payfor monitors progress with the lawyer until the debt is collected. Payfor successfully manages your claim for you, so you can get on with other things.

Read more about all of the services we offer, including debt appraisal and dispute resolution, HERE.

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