Seamless Recovery & Legal Collection

Understand what legal remedies exist

Due to Payfor’s extensive network of legal contacts around the world, it can support your company in its efforts to recover your outstanding debts through legal action.

In a seamless process, during the 30-Day Chase Campaign, we automatically check with lawyers in the respective territory of the jurisdiction of the debt. This helps you understand what legal remedies exist to recover the debt through litigation.

Benefits of Utilising Payfor’s Global Legal Network:
Once you are happy with your choice of legal partner, Payfor is there to successfully manage the case on your behalf so you can focus on more important matters.
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What Happens Next?

What if I already have a judgement?

If you already took legal action, Payfor can assist you in either enforcing the judgement in the respective jurisdiction (i.e., freeze or confiscate assets) or track down former directors if they are tied to the judgement.

There are numerous factors to legal collection to consider and weigh up. Payfor uses its absolute best efforts to delve inside the details of your case to seek creative ways to collect complex debts, all the whilst keeping your costs to a minimum.

To find out more about how Payfor can help you with Legal Collection, read our FAQs here or book an appointment to discuss your case here.

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