Commercial Collection Based on a “No Win – No Fee” Basis

Our commercial collection approach is professional and sensitive to the Client Relationship. Winning back clients, resolving issues and getting business back on track is our priority.

Strategic Approach

Once we receive your invoice and contract, Payfor’s collection team will analyse the details of your debt. We run extensive checks on debtors using Credit Scoring platforms and can also reach out to our legal network in order to gain an immediate legal opinion of the strength and position of your case before we will proceed and engage with the debt recovery process.

The team will consider every aspect of the case, including every correspondence, jurisdiction, and the legal position, before deciding on the best course of action to secure the most optimal chance of success.

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Dispute Resolution

Payfor is often able to play the role of “mediator” between the Creditor and Debtor in order to determine the best possible way of resolving any potential dispute. Our senior management team has decades of experience in the negotiation of major global deals involving multiple stakeholders, for which the relationships and expectations, were successfully managed at every stage.

The best-case scenario will always be when we are able to transform the debtor back into a happy customer.

See how this process has worked in real-life examples to create the best outcome for all involved by reading our client case studies HERE.

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Improve your company's cash flow using our unique services


Payfor offers a white label accounts receivables management service. We contact your clients and send them invoices using your company email address.

Commercial Debt Collection

Payfor’s 30-day chase campaign is a B2B recovery service to help SMEs recover payments from anywhere in the world.  In our initial meeting, we will explain our proven approach.

Legal Collection

If the recovery process requires legal support, we can introduce you to the best law firms around the world. Payfor sends them your case and our history with the debtor.

Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Disputes tend to arise between companies. In such cases, Payfor can adapt its approach from recovery to mediation. Sometimes, it takes a third party to find the solution.

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